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Most people are aware of the Bing search engine. But nearly as many people know about the fact that Microsoft has a rewards program associated with it. One can think of it like a loyalty program. Microsoft is able to get increased use and attention for their products.

And users are able to get rewards for helping to promote those services. Much of this is done through the Bing rewards dashboard. The dashboard can be thought of as a general list of tasks that will net users some extra perks.

Bing bot rewards

Of course, when it comes to any online activity there’s going to be room for versatility. Many of the tasks related to bing rewards are quite simple. Even performing a general search will usually provide someone with reward points. The fact that rewards come from something as simple as clicking mouse buttons can prompt some interesting questions.

bing rewards dashboard

Many people began to wonder if it would be possible to simply automate these tasks. If someone was working a job there wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary in using an automated system. And many people look at reward points as a job of sorts. The conclusion these people came to was that it might be best to simply write computer programs which would perform those tasks for them. The result is scripts, or bots, which will perform tasks that earn bing rewards.

Bing rewards mobile search bot

People tend to forget that Microsoft was one of the first companies to invest in mobile technologies. They’ve fallen behind over the years. But Microsoft is quite eager to regain their once lofty position among mobile tech giants.

As such they tend to offer frequent point bonuses for searches done through a smartphone. This might seem like it’d stop people from using bots. Smartphones tend to be fairly versatile these days. As such, there are quite a few options available for people who want to use mobile search bots.

These mobile search bots operate in a fairly similar way to their desktop based siblings. One will usually install them from a mobile package file, such as an APK on android. From there it’s simply a matter of setting it up for the task. It’s not at all uncommon for it to simply need to perform a quick search or two on bing every day. And from there the rewards should pile up just as if one were doing it himself.

How to get free bing reward points

Of course use of bots isn’t a one-time thing. Microsoft is constantly updating their panel with new tasks. And likewise, people who make bots are constantly working on improving their platforms to take advantage of it.

The best way to get free reward points is to find some balance between the two. It’s important to remember that time is valuable. The whole point of using a bot is to save people from needing to pointlessly click on links. There are times when it can feel as if using a bot is fairly similar to doing so. Sometimes configuring a bot for complex tasks would be more trouble than actually performing that task.

And of course, there are times when a task simply can’t be performed by bots at all. That’s why it’s important to find a balance between these two extremes. One shouldn’t feel as if he has to perform every bing reward task on his own. But at the same time, he shouldn’t feel as if a bot will be able to do everything for him. The middle ground involves using a bot for repetitive and predictable actions while staying aware of more complex but profitable tasks to do on one’s own.